What others said about us

All I can do is thank you and wish you the longest possible continuation of your activities, since you have been administering our earnings as well as expenditures thoroughly, carefully, precisely and responsibly for over 10 years. Good health, much happiness and peace in further common work wishes

Janko Ďurovčík / choreographer and director

The TCAA Company in our view stands for: T-total creativity when searching for the right direction for the client, C-complete service emphasizing the client and client’s interests, A-absolute reliability, loyalty and professionalism in dealing with the client, A-adequate financial remuneration for work well done. This was only a small praise of the qualities that TCAA has. It has been providing accounting and taxing services to us for many years. Their exact work can probably be compared only to the work of a surgeon who must perform a surgery with the exactness of hundredths of millimeters. Thus those of you who are starting or already doing business and are looking for a new company to take care of your accounting, to provide tax counseling and audit, do not hesitate to contact TCAA, as we did back in 2004. We have been using their knowledge and skills ever since to our maximum satisfaction which gives us a sense of peace and security in our business.

Petr Maurer / executive of MONTRE, s.r.o., the exclusive importer of watches and jewelry
of the world’s top brands

Since I am a complete analphabet when it comes to math and economy, I had no other choice than to become an actress. I managed it as it seems, because luckily I am being offered many roles as an actress of which some are paid quite well too. Unfortunately, these honoraria are subject to taxes and I, being a thorough person, must take care of this area as well. I could hardly manage it on my own! However, since I have been working with this company, I feel safe and absolutely trust that everything is done always on time and highly professionally. It is even easier to pay taxes because people that I work with are extremely nice, dedicated and close to my heart. I wish you continued success, my friends

Your Kamila Magálová / actress of the Slovak National Theatre

Since the start of our cooperation with TCAA, our not at all small requirements for the company that was to administer our accounting precisely, exactly and reliably were not only met, but even exceeded in terms of our expectations. People dealing with our companies are responsible, precise, nice and willing, and most of all they can do maximum for us, even though work is often done under stress and at the last moment. We thank them and wish them for the future only the best and hope our cooperation will continue this way also in the future.

Juraj Konečný / importer and salesperson of the world-wide known brands
of TommyHilfiger, G-Star, RalphLauren

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