In 1991, two years after the Velvet Revolution, enterpreneur Ľubomír Jošt joined the idea of having his own consultancy agency with long-term experience in the field of economy and founded C. A. T. in Bratislava.

The aim of the agency was at first determined by the need for qualified and reliable assistance in the changeable conditions of developing market economy.

C. A. T. was aimed at establishing corporations, development of business plans, accounting and representation of clients on the financial market.

C. A. T. has become a responsible universal consultant. This has been achieved thanks to the use of method which consist of taking over responsibility for in-company processes of our clients and representing them externally.

In 1993, Ľubomír Jošt was joined by his brother, Roman Jošt, and two years later, in 1995, a new company was founded. C. A. T.  plus  s.  r.  o..

Following the original idea of permanent personal and professional development, in 1996, Ľubomír Jošt and Roman Jošt founded tax advisory firm Jošt & Jošt , which widened portfolio of provided services by the attractive area of tax advisory services.

In the same year, three consultancy firms were joined together and became a new business group called C.A.T. group..

In 2004, keeping the spirit of widening services provided , C. A. T. group was granted auditing licence (CAA, s.r.o. auditing company) and in 2005 went through extensive transformation. Eventually, endeavour of founders Ľubomír Jošt and Roman Jošt, resulted into the company providing complete consultancy in the area of taxes, auditing and accounting, called TCAA,  k.  s..

The TCAA poradenská, k.s. Company was established in 2010 specializing in economic advisory.